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Making the world a better place with Fuboo Paper

Fuboo Paper is working towards a greener future for the society, with the production of bamboo goods to replace wood pulp and plastic products. Ranging from tissue and paper towels to paper bowls and cups, we are looking to bring bamboo to every part of our lives. With a strong research & development team and the state-of-the-art factory behind us, Fuboo is aiming to create a sustainable world while providing the best value to our customers. 

The Manufacturing Process

Why Bamboo?

Want to Know More?

Are you in the paper industry and searching for quality paper supplier? If yes, then your search process has come to an end. Fuboo is among the top Chinese paper products supplier. From paper plates to facial tissue, we can cover you with everything.

What We Offer


Fuboo is proudly considered among the top China facial tissue suppliers and paper plate suppliers. To give you a holistic view, here are the products with which we serve our diverse clients with greater effect:


Experience and Fuboo are Synonymous to Each Other

We have been in the paper products industry for twenty years! With loads of knowledge that only experience can offer, coupled with technologically advanced production facilities and modern business management style, Fuboo is an ideal choice for you to serve your valued clients.

Our team of experienced, highly motivated, and skilled employees continues to take the business forward. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are you located?

We are located in Sichuan, China

Do you accept orders in a bulk quantity?

We have our manufacturing facility and have successfully delivered multiple orders in bulk quantity

What is your nature protection policy?

Fuboo produces bamboo goods and avoids offering plastic and wood pulp products.


Our Certifications

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