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Facial Tissue 

Source Tissue from One of the Quality Facial Tissue Suppliers

Fuboo is among the top China facial tissue suppliers. Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, or exporter and need quality facial tissue for your customers to keep sailing in the market, we are the right door to knock.

Meet Your Clients’ Demands With Us

Consumers are now becoming increasingly savvy. They expect clean-label, organically derived, and environment-friendly products to maintain their personal well-being. Further, they also expect identifiable impacts based on science and technology. Therefore, you need quality facial tissue suppliers to soothe your customers’ desires.


Build Your Business Reputation With Us

Keeping this in mind, you want the rapport of your brand to be in the safe hands when it comes to stable and reliable product safety, quality, and efficacy. All these together build consumer trust. So, partnering with us automatically gives you these features.

Whether researching or developing new test methods and technologies or handling contamination control in your manufacturing operations, we follow established good manufacturing practices (GMPs) to keep our standards high.

What Sets us Apart

Ultimate Softness

Fuboo’s range of facial tissues offers ultimate softness for your customer. Presented in comfortable and easy to dispense boxes, our tissues are perfect to keep in schools and hotels as well as anyone else who needs strong yet soft tissues.

Easy to dispense roll – Luxuriously gentle and soft – packaged in style – 2 ply tissues – absorbent and strong


We Serve Diverse Customer Base

We believe that our depth of customer base brings trust in our products, and that consistent thinking towards improving it is the way towards progressive sales. Thus, we manufacture our facial tissue and other products that are comprehensively in line with specialty client segments that we serve efficiently.

Only in the hospitality industry, we have different customers including hotels, restaurants, sanitary businesses, and more. Our diversity keeps us among the top facial tissue suppliers.

20 Rigorous Years of Facial Tissue Manufacturing

Fuboo was established about two decades ago. Since then we are serving our large and diverse client base. With our experience, we easily help our clients’ needs by listening to them and suggesting to them what could work better for them.

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