Bamboo is our future!

Bamboo Vs Wood

  • Bamboo is more sustainable than trees, it grows fast and uses land more efficiently

  • Bamboo doesn’t use fertilizer or pesticides

  • Bamboo consumes 30% less water than wood on average

  • Bamboo can generate 35% more oxygen compared to hardwood trees 

  • Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world with record speeds of 1.2 meters per day

  • Bamboo can grow to its maximum height in only 4 months in comparison to up to 30 years for trees.


Bamboo Vs Recycled Paper

  • Recycled toilet paper saves energy, but the recycling process involves chemicals and energy to mix the paper together

  • Every time paper is recycled, it loses its quality. It can only be recycled 4 to 6 times before the fibers get too short and weak

  • Recycled fibers are shorter in length than virgin fibers which makes the end paper product less absorbent

  • Recycled paper is full of glue, which means it clogs toilets 

  • The process of making recycled toilet paper might not be hygienic

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